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It started in 1987 at Rajkot, when Shri Shivlalbhai Avcharbhai Adroja, then a migrant businessman from the nearby town of Morbi, having moved to Rajkot looking at business possibilities, started a Motor Manufacturing Unit at Atika, Rajkot. He christened the brand as ‘Angel’, and the enterprise as ‘Angel Motors’.

At that point of time, Shivlalbhai had as his clients the Mill Owners in the Diamond & Textile industries at Gujarat that used the Angel Motors for their specialised needs.

With time the business continued to grow, and slowly ‘Angel’ grew in fame and presence among the clientele in Saurashtra and South Gujarat that Shivlalbhai had by now befriended, through meticulously engineered products painstakingly developed indigenously by him. Of course, his inborn charm and ethical approach to business helped, and Angel Motors slowly but steadily transformed into a major supplier of prime mover motors to the diamond & textile industries.

Having established a brand following, The Company made another decision – to expand, into the pumps trade while continuing to enjoy the fruits of its labour through motor sales. Starting off with Centrifugal Pumps, The Company soon started to develop and manufacture Regenerative Pumps and then Open-well and Bore-well Submersible pumps too, with support from his own motor division. In this, Shivlalbhai engaged, in time, his 3 sons – Ashvin, Kirit and Narendra and the brothers proved to be most worthy of the decision. The ‘Angel’ brand of pumps was slowly but surely making headways into the markets of Saurashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, MP, & Maharashtra.

While now firmly established in the Pump Trade, the natural option would be to take the manufacturing business to the next logical level – of a well meaning, advanced and developing corporation with a widespread presence. The first step into this would naturally be in developing the manufacturing infrastructure into something that would be in a position to deliver the basic element of growth into this endeavour – perfectly designed & engineered products in much larger quantities. What was required was colossal – right from selecting & purchasing the location, procuring the necessary licenses, designing the civil, electrical and mechanical structures, physically creating the plant, planning and procuring machinery & skilled labour to go with them, arranging for raw material resources, etc. The Company did all that in a period of 16 months between June, 2009 and October, 2010, through relentless effort. The result is the most modern and the largest pump manufacturing unit in all of Saurashtra, situated on 1,00,000 square feet of prime location at the Metoda Industrial Park, Rajkot.

The transformation on infrastructure complete, the Company then put its might in creating for itself a perfect product line with state-of-the-art designs and precision engineering, all under a highly developed process system. Simultaneously, it also renovated its marketing, till recently on a B2B understanding with distributors, into a structured, network based and efficient mechanism.

The manufacturing infrastructure largely in place, the company also modified its constitution, from being a partnership firm by the name of Angel Motors to be constituted into a company over a Part IX Conversion, under the name Angel Pumps Private Limited.

Directors in the Company:

  • Shri Shivlalbhai Avcharbhai Adroja
  • Shri Ashvin Shivlalbhai Adroja
  • Shri Kirit Shivlalbhai Adroja
  • Shri Narendra Shivlalbhai Adroja
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At Angel Pumps (P) Limited, the work culture followed is open, secular, gender-sensitive and ethical; with deeply entrenched Indian values. The foremost attitude of the management towards all its dealers, employees, vendors and associates is one of respect and inclusiveness.

The basic strength of the organisation is derived from its inherent capacity to listen; and to thereafter translate the listening into processes, designs and products. All Management decisions & systems owe their parentage to such contributions, large or small, collected through continual listening. Resultantly, the Company invariably develops products, processes and policies that have actually been created by the stakeholders in the market and elsewhere.

The Product R&D is largely in-house, though eminent consultants are appointed to overcome specific challenges. The products and the solutions that are provided are carried to the markets through extensively trained and strategically placed marketing and service teams that reach out to the end customers through a very capable and large network of distributors and dealers.

All procurement and plant processes are governed by QAP guidelines designed and constructed to avoid any slippage whatsoever – Quality in manufacturing is of absolute importance at Angel. Vendors are periodically met with, trained and developed to provide for perfect components with minimal rejections.