The HR Policy constitutes the following key elements:

  1. That all employees are expected to demonstrate “Ownership” upon their specific job functions and upon the organization as a whole
  2. That Angel Pumps (P) Limited is an Equal Opportunities Employer
  3. That The Company provides and is committed to provide for secular working conditions
  4. That it places safety concerns of its employees above all else
  5. That it demands, demonstrates and promotes gender-friendly and gender-sensitive working environment
  6. Employee induction, sensitisation and training are continually practiced. Appraisal is carried out once every six months
  7. Official medium of communication is flexible between English, Hindi or Gujarati
  8. Towards sensitiveness against cruelty to animals as also in line with Government norms, non-vegetarian food and alcoholic beverages are disallowed within the Company Premises

Functionally, Angel Pumps (P) Limited promotes an ‘Open’ management, where the Management allows, advocates and also encourages direct approach by employees of all levels to itself for redressing any grievance or problem as well as to place any suggestions and advices concerning the employees’ job functions or the organization in general